14 Benefits of Honey and Milk

Honey and milk are two food items filled with various health benefits, which is exactly why it is widely acceptable to have them together. Honey, thanks to its antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, alleviates many health problems.

Milk on the other side is rich in proteins, calcium, minerals and lactic acid, all of which improves your health conditions. Moreover, consuming milk with honey helps you with skin problems. So, let us find out the best benefits of having honey and milk drinks

 14 Benefits of Honey and Milk

14 Amazing Benefits of Honey and Milk


 1. Helps in improving digestion

One of the primary milk and honey benefits is that it helps with digestion. It soothes the whole process, which in turn reduces constipation and stomach cramps.


2. Increases endurance

If you consume the milk and honey drink every morning, then it will help you improve your stamina. Since both honey and milk have the necessary carbohydrates and proteins, you should be able to improve your endurance levels steadily. If you run or walk in the morning, then this is a drink that you should definitely try.


3. Makes bones healthier

Milk, as you may know, is most beneficial when it comes to providing calcium and protein to your body. As a result, this directly helps in improving the health of your bones. It induces strength in the bones and improves the bone density as well. Honey, on the other hand, helps you with providing energy.

 14 Benefits of Honey and Milk


4. Helps in curing insomnia

If you suffer from insomnia, then you should definitely drink warm milk and honey before sleeping. So, the answer to the question of “Does honey help you sleep?” is a big yes. However, make sure that you consume only raw and organic honey.

This is because artificial sugar can disturb one’s sleep but the natural sugar content enables you to sleep well. The sugar in honey shuns the efficacy of a t called orexin, so that you can rest well and feel a bit more relaxed. Therefore, make it a habit of drinking milk and honey before bed.


5. Antibacterial properties to the aid

Time and again, several studies have proved how efficient both honey and milk are in preventing bacterial problems. Consumption of both in the right quantity will help you in alleviating issues like stomach infection, intestine disorders and more.


6. Treats respiratory problems

Not many people know this but consuming honey can help you with respiratory problems like cold and cough. The best time to drink honey milk for this would be before you go to sleep. The idea is to soothe the itchiness in the throat so that you can breathe easily.


7. Induces relaxation

As mentioned above, drinking warm milk and honey for sleep is a good option. As a part of this, it helps you reduce stress and tiredness as well, thereby making it something that people with stressful jobs should definitely drink.

 14 Benefits of Honey and Milk


8. Helps with reducing ageing

Here is a benefit that you can enjoy when you apply honey and milk on your skin. With the right honey and milk recipe, you can make a face mask that would do wonders for you. Take ½ teaspoon of honey, 1 tablespoon of milk and half a piece of banana mashed, and mix all of them well to create a paste.

Apply this all over your face and neck area, and rinse it with warm water after 20 minutes. Doing this at least once a week should reduce the wrinkles and fine lines to reveal fresh beautiful skin.


9. Moisturises skin

Application of milk and honey on skin helps moisturise it evenly, thus helping in reducing the dryness and flakiness. To get the ideal results, you may apply this before going to sleep, so that it gets enough time to do the job.


10. Helps in deep-cleaning the skin

If you travel a lot, then you should add a few drops of honey and milk in your cleaners to deep-clean your skin pores off the pollutants, dirt and other clogged impurities. If you want a blemish-free and flawless facial skin, then doing this regularly will surely help.


11. Improves the glow of the skin

Application of milk and honey in equal proportions on your face will glow up your face. Simply apply the liquid mix for 10-15 minutes and you will be able to see the difference.

 14 Benefits of Honey and Milk


12. Improves shine of the hair

If you have dull and dry hair, then applying milk honey on your hair will give the necessary shine to it. Since honey is an emollient, it helps the hair in retaining the water content. For this, you may use a cup of creamy milk and two tablespoons of honey, and apply this mix to your hair throughout its length.

Keep this for 15 minutes before rinsing it with lukewarm water.


13. Reduces scars

Since both honey and milk have anti-inflammatory properties, they help in removing tough scars on the body. To further help the cause, you can add a pinch of turmeric powder in the mix of half a cup of milk and a few drops of honey. Apply this on a daily basis to get faster results.


14. Prevents acne

As mentioned earlier, both honey and milk have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, which help in reducing acne on skin. You just need to apply the mix on your facial skin on a daily basis to get a clear and blemish-free skin.


Now that you know the amazing benefits of both honey and milk, especially when used together, you should include this in your daily routine. As seen above, you need to consume the honey milk drink to enjoy some benefits and apply a mix of both the liquids to solve skin-related problems.

For both these things, you must opt for natural and organic honey to get the ideal results.

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