5 Reasons why raw honey is better than white sugar


Raw honey and white sugar are age-old rivals and the competition between them is just never ending! People often raise this question as to what is better than sugar? If there is something that can be replaced with sugar, it is none other than honey. Yes! You read it right!


When you compare raw honey with white sugar, raw honey comes out as the true winner! It has more advantages than sugar. In this article, we will be revealing why honey is a better option than sugar.


Table of Contents

  • Why is Honey better than Sugar
  • 5 Reasons to cut-down Sugar
  • Final Thoughts


Why is Honey better than Sugar?

  1.  Improves digestion

Did you know honey is one of the great ingredients that can improve your digestion? Honey has the ability to flush all the toxins, bacteria and wastage out from the body. This way it can improve the digestion and boost the overall metabolism. By taking 1 tbsp honey with lemon in lukewarm water can help in proper digestion and prevent constipation. If you want to buy the most delicious yet healthy honey, you can check out the 10 best organic honey brands in India and pick the one you like the most.

    2. Keeps the Blood sugar level in control

Honey is best known to keep the blood sugar level in check. It has a lower glycemic index score. This index measures the sugar absorption rate in the body. The lower the sugar absorption rate, the more the blood sugar level in control. On the other hand, sugar has a higher glycemic index score than honey. So, if you don’t want your blood sugar level to spike up, you must switch from sugar to honey right away!

    3. Good for skin

If you have any skin related issue or just some extra glow? You can definitely go with honey for it has some really good qualities that can make you look better than ever. With its antibacterial, it purifies the blood and cleans your skin from within. Honey also has vitamin C that gives a glowing and soft skin. So, start consuming honey if you really want your skin to look radiant than before.

     4. Cleanses the liver

Honey is a good cleanser for the liver. It has amazing detoxifying properties that will help remove the toxins and bacteria from the food. It will preservate the healthy nutrients and stimulate the digestive juices. A clean liver will result in a healthy living and happy life. It will also increase the levels of NO in biological fluids and ultimately decrease the liver enzymes.

    5. Boosts your immune system

If you are looking for ways to enhance your immunity system, then honey can be of great use! Honey has phytonutrient properties that are antibacterial in nature. These phytonutrients fight against all ailments and increase the overall immunity power. Its nutrients also have anticancer benefits and help one to fight cancer causing cells.


Now that you are aware of the remarkable benefits offered by honey, you must also know why sugar is harmful to health.


5 Reasons to cut-down sugar

  1. Causes Weight Gain

Did you know sugar causes weight gain? Yes, so everybody who is looking forward to reducing their weight should strive to cut down on sugar. Eating too much sugar and sugary diets will increase the blood sugar level, leptin and insulin resistance. And, these are the major factors resulting in weight gain.

      2. Not easy to digest

White sugar is made by extracting it from natural sugar forms like sugar cane and corn. This sugar is then highly processed to bring it to its usable form. Because of its highly processed feature, it is not very healthy for the human body.

     3. Increases risk of Diabetes

When you start consuming more and more sugar and sugary food, your body gets used to it. Once you get addicted to white sugar, your body needs it. As white sugar is high in calories, your body starts increasing fat day by day. This will eventually lead to Type 2 Diabetes. This is because of an increase in blood sugar level in the body.

    4. Decreases the immunity

The exact reason why sugar decreases the immunity power of people has not been revealed. However, according to some research, it has been understood that bacteria and germs yeast on sugar and sugary foods. This is when everything gets out of control, increasing the number of bacteria and germs. This will ultimately result in various ailments and diseases, hence sabotaging the immune system.

    5. Increases aging speed

I am sure you don’t want to look old soon? If yes, then you must reduce your sugar in-take. Sometimes, sugar gets attached to proteins and these new structures leads to loss of elasticity of body tissues. The more you in-take sugar, the faster you will lose the elasticity of your skin.


Final Thoughts:

There’s a saying that goes, “Humans must eat and experience everything in this world for life is very short”. We know how much you love sugar and the products made out of it. From cakes to sugary beverages to sweets, they are surely delicious and you have all the rights to have them! The only thing you can do is limit this sugar in-take and try to have it once in a while. Meanwhile, you can use honey to have little sweetness in your life and satisfy your cravings. Do let us know if you liked reading this article. Also, comment below if you have any queries revolving around this topic.