6 Unbeatable Jamun Honey Uses To Boost Your Health!

Jamun Honey is one of nature’s miracles. It is a delicious ingredient in many foods, has antibacterial properties, works as a humectant (keeps things moist) and soothes a cough or sore throat. Now, there is something undeniably enchanting about honey, the product of flower nectar that is transformed by bees. Whether you use nature’s sweet nectar as a sweetener, or try to kick a cough, cold, infection or respiratory disease with it, it’s super useful either way.

In this post, we have stated some core Jamun Honey uses that are sure to convince you that this honey is a one-shot remedy for all your needs.

  1. Treats Respiratory Diseases 

Treats Respiratory Diseases

Jamun Honey uses include the management of respiratory issues, and this use dates back to ancient times. Jamun during ancient times was considered good for any cough related problems like bronchitis. Honey, on the other hand, was believed to contain anti-inflammatory properties which soothe the throat and provide relief to a person. Today, the benefits of both Jamun and Honey are combined in the form of Jamun Honey which basically removes excessive accumulated mucus from the lungs and thus cures various respiratory diseases. Now, use can use Jamun Honey in the following way to treat respiratory diseases: 

  1. Take 3-4 teaspoons of Jamun Honey.
  2. Add the same to a glass of warm water and drink either first thing in the morning or after taking light breakfast once a day.
  3. Repeat daily to control the symptoms of respiratory diseases such as bronchitis. 
  1. Improves Immunity 

Improves Immunity

Jamun Honey’s antioxidant and antibacterial properties play a significant role in improving the digestive system and boosting immunity. Since Jamun Honey is a powerhouse of antioxidants, it usually works quite effectively to remove the free radicals from the body and in turn enhances the body’s overall well-being. To improve immunity, consider using Jamun Honey in the following manner: 

  • Add a spoonful of Jamun Honey to a cup of warm water
  • Thereafter, add lemon juice (from half a lemon) to the mixture 

Drink this cleansing tonic first thing in the morning before breakfast to reap the benefits. 

  1. Cures Dysentery 

Cures Dysentery

Jamun Honey uses also include the management of severe diarrhoea and dysentery due to its astringent and antimicrobial property is well known in medicine. Diarrhoea can be caused due to multiple factors such as improper food, impure water, toxins, mental stress and weak digestive system. Jamun Honey in general works as a potent remedy to control diarrhoea as it contains both astringent and absorbent properties which thicken the loose stools and control the frequency of loose motion or diarrhoea. To use Jamun Honey for controlling diarrhoea follow the below-mentioned tips: 

  1. Take ¼ - ½ teaspoon of Jamun Honey.
  2. Swallow it with water or alone after taking each light meal to control diarrhoea. 
  1. Improves Libido 

Improves Libido

Erectile dysfunction in men is often caused due to the loss of libido which in turn happens when there is absolutely no inclination towards a sexual act. Jamun Honey in general is known to help correct male sexual dysfunction and also improves stamina. This is due to the aphrodisiac properties present in Jamun Honey. To enjoy such jamun honey uses and improve libido, follow the below-mentioned method: 

  1. Take ¼ - ½ teaspoon of Jamun Honey
  2. Swallow it after lunch or dinner to improve libido. 
  1. Weight loss 

Weight loss

Jamun Honey uses also include weight loss and this has gained significant traction in the last few years. People from around the world are reporting positive weight loss results after consuming Jamun Honey for about a week. Now, you can use Jamun Honey in the following two ways to speed up the weight loss process: 

Garlic and Jamun Honey uses include weight loss, and you can enjoy this benefit by this method: 

  • Peel and crush 2-3 fresh garlic cloves
  • Thereafter, mix them with Jamun Honey
  • Let the concoction sit for a while
  • Then, have it on an empty stomach 

Lemon and Jamun Honey: 

  • Add a spoonful of Jamun Honey to a glass of warm water
  • Let it sit for a few minutes until the honey dissolves completely
  • Thereafter, add lemon juice to this mixture
  • Stir this drink well and consume this on an empty stomach 
  1. Helps treat sore throat 

Helps treat sore throat

By far the most prominent Jamun Honey uses include treating any sort of cold, cough or sore throat. Use Jamun Honey in the below-mentioned manner to treat sore throat: 

  • Pour 1 cup of Jamun honey into a pan and add 1 tablespoon of freshly grated lemon peel to it.
  • Heat these together for about 10 minutes, making sure to keep the heat relatively low.
  • After you’ve heated the mixture, let it sit for 1-2 hours or up to 1-2 weeks.
  • Thereafter, place this mixture in a glass jar with a tightly fitting top. Remember, the longer it sits for the stronger it will taste. You can drink this mixture any time of the day, though it is preferable to consume it at night right before going to bed. 
So, these were some of the Jamun Honey uses for a healthier and fitter body. If you or your loved ones are dealing with any of these issues now, then how about you try one of these remedies to see if it works for you? We are pretty confident the results won’t disappoint you, especially if you try Eiwahoney’s products!