7 Reasons Why You Should Skip EiwaHoney!

EiwaHoney offers organic honey that’s infused with different flavors to bring you a broad range of health benefits. We’re here to tell you exactly why you should ignore all these flavors!

1. You don’t mind having stomach problems!

Honey for stomach pain

EiwaHoney’s Ajwain flavor honey is perfect for people who suffer from routine indigestion. Why? Because Ajwain offers near-instant relief from acidity. Ajwain has large amounts of Thymol, an active enzyme that stimulates the secretion of gastric juices.

2. You’ve given up on having clear skin!

honey for skin

Guess what? Caking on that full-coverage foundation isn’t the only option you’ve got! You can actually clear your skin, improve its elasticity, enjoy a natural glow, and reduce wrinkles if you eat a spoonful of honey every day!

3. You’ve accepted your muscle pain as your constant companion!

honey for muscle pain

Mustard is a great home remedy for joint pain and aching muscles. It can even help with muscle spasms and back pain. Having EiwaHoney’s Mustard Honey can help you brand-new!

4. You’ve resigned to gritting your teeth and bearing your menstrual pain!

honey for menstrual pain

Ah, those cramps! There’s nothing we women can do about them, right? Wrong! Sheesham has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries to combat menstrual pain and even make the cycle more regular. So, the next time your Aunt Flow is knocking at the door, just grab a jar of Sheesham Honey!

5. You don’t want a better workout!

honey for weight loss

Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone your muscles or get super buff, honey can help you by giving you a boost of energy, improving your body’s metabolism, and even helping with faster muscle recovery post workouts!

6.You accept the common cold as a seasonal visitor!

honey for cold

Tulsi is a natural disinfectant and germicide, and can thereby boost your immunity. With the winter season fast-approaching, grab your jar of EiwaHoney Tulsi Honey and get ready to ward off all those seasonal colds and coughs.

7. You’re bidding adieu to your weight management goals!

honey for weight management

Honey boosts your metabolism and helps you lose weight naturally. Any flavor of EiwaHoney can do the trick for you, as long as you have a spoonful a day!

Now, are you planning to skip EiwaHoney or bring home your own jar?