Amazing benefits of eating honey during pregnancy

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam defined the heartwarming miracle of birth as the only instance when you cried, and your mother smiled. It is the only blind date for a woman where she knows that she has a rendezvous with the love of her life. The love she carried inside her for nine memorable months. The love she will hold in her arms for the coming three years to look forward to. The love she will cherish in her heart for eternity.

Pregnancy is one of the most testing times for a lady. She is extremely conscious as the tiniest thing she does or does not do, has a strong bearing on the little life budding inside of her. One of the most critical aspects of this is the food consumed. A baby's health and nutrition are wholly derived from the mother's nutrition. All the to-be mothers should resort to consuming foods that provide multiple health benefits to the babies. A stalwart food item in the numerous benefits categories is honey.

Is it safe to consume honey in pregnancy?

Is it safe to consume honey in pregnancy

'Botulism,' a rare but severe disease caused by infected honey containing Clostridium spores, a dangerous bacterium (does not affect kids above the age of 1 yr), is the primary concern concerning eating honey in pregnancy. But as the immune system will combat the virus, the chances of being influenced by them are nil. There is no chance of these spores or toxins entering the fetus during pregnancy, as the placenta prevents the bacteria to reach the baby. The placenta does not allow any antigen to cross over and reach the baby, thus eliminating the possibility of any infection.

What are the health benefits of consuming honey in pregnancy?

benefits of consuming honey in pregnancy

During pregnancy, to stave off any disease-causing agents during this delicate process, you need to have a sound immune system because any significant complication can harm your infant. Honey's antioxidants and antibacterial properties help improve the immune system and combat infections. So, to keep your immune system going, you should include honey in pregnancy diet.

Honey's anti-viral properties and immune-strengthening properties help to provide cold and flu relief rapidly. To ensure that they do not catch the flu, pregnant women should drink honey in different ways (like with tea or lukewarm water).

Regular honey consumption can heal stomach ulcers at a faster pace in patients with gastritis. And it is especially effective against duodenal ulcers caused by H.pylori infection, a form of peptic ulcer. Ulcers can be very harmful since the stomach lining is very close to the womb where the baby is affected. So after consulting your doctor, you may start eating honey in pregnancy.

One of the best and easiest ways to enhance the quality of sleep is by drinking honey. Honey is considered to have stress-relieving properties when eaten with milk just before bedtime. And no stress means sleep will come easier. Consuming honey in pregnancy with warm milk can help to cure insomnia.

The presence of pollen is known to increase tolerance to seasonal allergies over time. Regular honey intake allows the body to develop immunity to antigens that can contribute to inflammation during pregnancy. However, before eating honey in pregnancy, you must consult your doctor if you are allergic to pollen.

How much honey in pregnancy should you eat per day?

How much honey in pregnancy should you Consume

With any food, as is the case, moderation is the key. Try to keep a count of how many tablespoons of honey you consume each day if you're looking for a healthy way to eat honey in pregnancy. For a day, three to five tablespoons are enough so that the calorie count stays between 180 and 200 calories.

As honey is rich in sugars such as fructose, glucose, and maltose, there will be approximately 60 calories in just one tablespoon of it. And during pregnancy, calorie intake from simple sugars should not surpass 10% of the total calorie requirement per day, approximately 1800 to 2400 calories. Therefore, four tablespoons ought to do just fine.

How to choose which honey to consume during pregnancy?

How to choose which honey to consume during pregnancy

When selecting between processed and raw honey, pregnant women can face a dilemma. Lots of women wonder if they can have raw honey.

Since raw honey is unpasteurized, all the necessary enzymes, antioxidants, minerals, and useful compounds with which honey's goodness is associated are retained. However, due to the presence of pollen, impurities, and potentially harmful microbes, it also carries some risk, so you must obtain it from a good source. Purchasing it straight from a bee farm is the perfect way to get pure honey, which is what EiwaHoney does. Try to obtain Royal honey if possible, as it is delicious and has medicinal properties that can do wonders for you.

Keep in mind that processed honey may have additives such as maize syrup, starch, flour, sugar syrup, and other substances that make it appear similar to pure ones but can be detected by tests.

Honey in pregnancy is an excellent companion for your most cherished journey. It adds a dash of delicious sweetness to your life while providing a lot of health benefits. Just like the miracle of birth, it is another miracle from the bounty of mother nature.