Can honey help in the current pandemic?

Honey has been helping human civilization whether it is Aztecs or Indus Valley folks or the current one. As human civilization evolves it moves out from clan or tribal living to larger clusters of towns and cities. With frequent human-to-human contact comes diseases and their spread. The faster the trade faster a communicable disease moves amongst humans.

Natural honey has great homeostasis properties and has been proven through modern sciences and traditional knowledge. The current pandemic is no different than the Spanish Flu of the early 20th century. But the action of the current virus is slightly different than that of the previous one. Flu is accompanied by a lot of mucus but this virus tends to dry out the body. In terms of Ayurvedic principles, it aggravates Vata quite severely and the lungs are most affected. With lungs drying and getting inflamed the oxygen-carrying capacity is degraded and other organs come under severe stress especially Heart.

The first thing to do is to hydrate the body as much as possible. There are two different strategies to adopt for two body types - pitta or heat and Vata/Kapha which are cool in nature.

For pitta or heating body type honey with Apple cider vinegar and/or Licorice is a great way to start your day. Lemon water with honey is also good but lemon has to minimize as it tends to dry out in larger quantity.

For cool bodies, it should be Ashwagandha (Indian Ginseng) or Ginseng with honey first thing in the morning.

During this pandemic, desserts should be avoided as sugar brings down immunity for few hours. If you have sugar cravings then one teaspoon or a tablespoon of pure honey can be taken right after meals. Honey has the advantage of increasing the ability of the body to take in nutrition apart from its sugary taste. In fact, most herbal prescriptions in Ayurveda are with honey. It is done to increase the efficacy of herbs. The same principle can be used to improve the efficacy of food!!

Please avoid drinking too much warm water or even taking bath in warm water as it is known to drain out fluids. Use normal water or the best Coconut water throughout the day. I mix one teaspoon of honey in one glass of Coconut water to keep myself hydrated all the time. Coconut water works on all bodies therefore anyone can take it as a water replacement.


Recommended Honey Types