Can You Use Honey for Hair Removal?

Honey wax is one of the best and the healthiest products that nature can provide you. You can use this product for just about anything. Honey bee wax is good for curing many diseases and preventing many more. You can also use honey for hair removals.

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This sounds odd but is one of the most widely used ways for hair removal when you want to use natural products and do the process at home. Honey is the best when it comes to natural and Do It Yourself (DIY) hair treatments. You can either use honey on its own or mix it and incorporate it in many other hair treatments.

Honey is good not just for helping with hair removal, but also with many other hair treatments from moisturizing your hair to helping with the multiple skin problems and diseases that affect the scalp. Although honey is not as good as beeswax when it comes to hair removal, it can help remove hair from all the places with all the small and tine hair follicles and particles where the intensity of beeswax is not needed.

A lot of people ask the question, how to filter honey from wax? The answer is very simple. You can find filtered honey and filtered honey wax online or from the nearest store. Honey wax price and honey bee wax price is not that high and both of these products are usually very affordable.

What are the benefits of using honey for hair?

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Honey is a natural product that has countless health benefits and it also tastes good. You can use honey in drinks to help make your drinks good and healthy and also use it on your body in place of synthetic and artificial cosmetic products.

  1. Promotes Hair growth: You can use honey for natural hair growth. A lot of people face problems with hair growth and receding hair lines. One of the most natural and best ways to help with hair loss is using honey. Honey, because of its ability to promote cell growth, is used to treat wounds to help them heal faster. This same quality of honey is what makes it so good on human hair and hair growth. This is because our scalp contains a lot of epithelial cells. The regeneration quality of honey is what makes it so good to use on your scalp to help with faster hair growth.
  2. Conditions your hair: Honey is also known as a great hair conditioner. The job of a hair conditioner is to moisturize hair. Honey contains a lot of amino acids, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins which help moisturize your hair. This proves that honey is not just a healthy supplement to sugar but can also be used all over your body to help with various things.
  3. Makes your Hair shine: Along with acting like a hair conditioner, honey can also make your hair shine like never before. Honey contains a lot of emollient and humectant properties with help it moisturize your hair. The emollient in honey helps with the process of smoothening your hair follicles while the humectant properties of honey help it bond with water which in turn adds moisture to dry stands of hair. When both of these properties combine, your hair gets back its natural shine and luster along with being extra moisturized.
  4. Colours your hair: A lot of people are fascinated with hair color and changing their hair colors. This can be done by using a lot of chemicals and bleaches on your hair which can damage your hair in the long run. The best alternative to this is leaving honey in your hair for long periods of time. The glucose and the glucose oxidase, an enzyme present in honey, help break down the glucose to form hydrogen peroxide. This hydrogen peroxide is responsible for bleaching melanin. Melanin is the pigment in your hair which gives your hair the color that it is. This way, you can bleach your hair in the most natural way possible. Honey is also great to help with hair breakage.
  5. Add strength: The protein keratin is essential to your hair because it adds strength and structure to your hair. The best way to keep your hair strong is to keep getting protein treatments. These treatments are very important to your hair because they help add keratin to your hair. Honey has about 0.5% protein. That does not sound like a lot but when you combine that with all the other proteins and minerals present in honey, it becomes an excellent solution to strengthen your hair.
  6. Prevents shedding: A lot of people go through the rough problem of excess shedding of hair. Shedding of hair is a natural process which occurs on a daily basis. Using honey on your hair is the best way to get rid of this problem of excess shedding. With all the nutrients and minerals that honey has to offer, the best way to strengthen your hair and get rid of this problem is to keep applying honey to your hair every now and then to get the best hair and the best results.
  7. Detoxes your hair: As discussed above, taking care of your hair is very important and the best way of doing that is taking care of your scalp and moisturizing your hair and your scalp on a regular basis. The best way to do this is to go for hair detox. In hair detox. The role that honeys plays is an essential one as you get that boost of amino acids, nutrients and minerals that you need to improve the condition of your hair and your scalp.
  8. Prevents dandruff: Talking about keeping the scalp moisturized, honey is very good at doing the same. Your scalp attracts all kinds of dirt and when it dries out, dandruff forms. The best way to avoid this buildup of dandruff and other problems to your scalp, use honey to moisturize your scalp and keep it healthy. There are a lot of skin problems that people go through.
  9. Prevents scalp problems: Skin problems like eczema and psoriasis affects the scalp and causes severe rashes and irritation throughout the scalp. With its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities, honey has proved to be one of the best natural remedies to all these skin problems. In addition to honey, many other anti-inflammatory products can help aid honey in trying and curing you from these skin problems.

How to use honey for hair removal?

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Honey wax uses for hair removal are very easy. You can either use honey bee wax or even honey bee cold wax. Honey bee cold wax uses do not differ much from regular honey wax uses. The best way to use honey bee wax and honey for hair removal to get the best results is-

  1. In a small electric cooking pot, mix 1 cup honey and 1 cup white sugar. Halve the fresh lemon and pour the juice over half of the mixture.
  2. Plug the electric cooking pot into the power outlet and set it to the low temperature of the cooker. Cook the mixture for about two hours with the lid on. The honey will become thin and a flat wooden stick will make it easier to stir the mixture.
  3. Keep the electric cooking pot on, but before you start waxing, remove the lid for 5 to 10 minutes. This will allow the wax to sufficiently cool down, so when you spread it on your skin, it won't cause burns or irritation.
  4. Dip in the honey wax with a flat wooden stick and scoop up some of the wax. With the tip of your finger, gently touch the wax to make sure it is cool enough to use.
  5. Spread the honey wax over your skin in a 2-inch wide by 4-inch-long strip where you want to extract the hair. Immediately press a cotton fabric strip wider than the wax strip onto the soft honey wax.
  6. By rubbing it tightly with your hand three or four times, smooth the cotton strip down. Keep the skin with one hand around the taunting strip.
  7. To grab one edge of the cotton strip, use the other hand and pull it off quickly in the opposite direction of the hair growth.
  8. When taking the strip off, hold your hand as close to the skin as possible. You would possibly not lose any hair if you pull the strip out and out of your body, but you will cause yourself discomfort.
  9. Continue to add and remove the wax until you have removed all of the excess hair. To remove the remaining wax, wash the skin gently with warm water, but avoid using soap or lotions that can irritate your freshly waxed skin.

If you’re wondering whether using honey wax to remove hair hurts, the answer is that it doesn’t hurt more than regular waxing.

The bottom line is that honey is very good and effective when it comes to hair removal or any other hair treatments. Being natural, there are very few problems or side effects that you can experience with using honey as compared to using any other commercially produced and artificial hair removal or hair treatment products. Go natural by using honey and