Easy Weight Loss Tips with Apple and Honey

Over the years, all of us have come across our fair share of surreal weight loss advice, such as eating weight loss cookies to lose weight within seven days or wearing this belt for two hours a day to burn all your fat.

However, just like there are oodles of fraudulent advice out there, there are also tons of research-backed, legitimate, and expert-approved suggestions. If you’re looking for an effective and straightforward weight loss technique, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’ll talk about how apples and honey can help you lose weight.

Before we move on to the easy weight loss tips with apple and honey, it is crucial we first understand how apple and honey individually help in reducing weight. So, without any further ado, let’s begin with apple and its effects on the human body for weight loss:

Use of apple for weight loss

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We’ve all heard the famous saying of ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’. Well, it turns out an apple a day can also keep weight gain at bay!

According to the US Department of Agriculture, apples are low in calories but high in fiber, with approximately 116 calories and 5.4 grams of fiber per large fruit. Since apples are nearly three times as filling as a chocolate bar (according to the National Library of Medicine), eating apples for snacks would make you consume less of other foods, contributing to your weight loss journey.

Moreover, in a study conducted by PubMed Central, women were provided three pears, three apples, or three oat cookies of the same calorie value for ten weeks. The study revealed that the pear group helped in losing 1.6 pounds and the oat cookie group had no effect on weight, while the apple group helped in losing 2 pounds.

Since it is conclusive that apples are effective for weight loss, let’s find out does honey help in weight loss or not?

Use of honey for weight loss

use of honey for weight loss

The use of honey for weight loss is not unheard of as most of the dieticians recommend the consumption of honey when someone starts their weight loss journey. But the question is whether honey benefits weight loss or not?

A recent study has revealed that athletes who consumed fructose-rich foods such as, honey, were able to burn more fat during their training sessions. The reason behind this result was honey, acting as a fuel for the body, made the liver produce more glucose. This glucose helped in maintaining brain sugar levels, forcing it to release fat-burning hormones.

Another reason behind honey’s effectiveness for weight loss is that along with sugar, it also contains vitamins and minerals. When compared with processed sugar, that contains empty calories and makes you gain weight, honey would actually give a balancing-effect to your body- the vitamins and minerals would give nutritional value to support your weight loss efforts.

As we’ve discussed about how both apple and honey are effective in weight loss, let’s talk about the synergizing effect they give when combined together:

Apple and Honey- The Powerful Duo for Weight Loss

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Considering both apple’s and honey’s effectiveness towards weight loss, we can say that eating both of them together would benefit your weight loss journey.  

Where honey would make you control your sugar cravings, apples would make you feel full, avoiding you to partake in binge eating. Moreover, since consuming honey enhances the efficacy of workout, taking them together would make sure that your efforts in your workout are fruitful.

Thus, this powerful duo would definitely help you in your weight loss journey. Now, let’s finally move on to the easy weight loss tips with apple and honey.

 Easy weight loss tips with apple and honey

1. Replace high-calorie midday snacks with apple and honey

If you take high-calorie midday snacks, such as potato and deep-fried food items, you must put a stop to it and replace it with apple and honey. By doing so, you would feel full and would not have the appetite to indulge in other foods, making you focused to have limited meals throughout the day. Hence, it would help you in losing weight over a period of time.

2. Crush the apples and mix it with honey

There are several recipes on honey and apple online, but the most simple and effective one is crushing the apples and mixing it with honey. As crushing them would let the juices fuse into each other, honey would assist in giving them uniform texture, turning it into a crunchy and sweet food mixture. Honey would satiate your desire for sugar and apple would fulfill your hunger, helping you to lose weight in the long term.  

3. Try apple and honey as a pre-workout snack

While apple and honey are effective for losing weight, you could take an extra step to amplify its effects by working out. To make sure that every workout yields fruitful results, you must take an effective pre-workout and apple and honey are just the perfect ones.   

Where honey before exercise stops the body from using the glycogen stores in the muscles for energy, apples help by giving your body minerals and glucose to sustain the workout. Combining them together would make it the perfect pre-workout snack.

Apart from crushing the apples and mixing it with honey, you could also go for the simple option of dipping the apple slices in honey. You could also try to be creative by adding a touch of cinnamon on apples as they are also renowned in the medical world for aiding weight loss.

apple and honey

By following these tips, you would be ready to begin your weight loss journey. Apple and honey are both formidable food items that help in weight loss. If you are looking for undemanding weight loss techniques, then the combination of apple and honey is the ideal option for you. By controlling your calorie intake with an iron fist, consuming apples and honey would make sure that your weight loss journey is completely effortless.