Eiwahoney Vs Your Local Honey: Which One Fares Better?

Choosing the right brand of honey can be quite difficult. After all, there are so many options available in the market! Well, brands like EiwaHoney not only offer healthy and delicious flavors but also take care of the bees while they’re at it. If you’re wondering what makes EiwaHoney far better than any local honey brand, then keep reading to find out!

1.     Harmless extraction processes!

Harmless honey extraction

Local honey brands extract all the nectar from the hives in a manner that is quite traumatizing to the bees. EiwaHoney uses automated beehives to extract just the right amount, without causing pain!

2.     Yummy and healthy food for the bees!

healthy beekeeping

Local honey brands feed processed sugar to increase the productivity of the bees. This leads to a ton of health problems. EiwaHoney, on the other hand, ensures that there are enough fodder and honey for the bees to thrive on!

3.     Helping farmers along the way!

farmers as partners

Most local honey brands ensure that all the profits line their pockets. EiwaHoney ensures that enough money goes to the hardworking farmers and beekeepers so that they meet all their livelihood needs!

4.     Contamination-free honey!

Contamination-free honey

Local honey brands use a mix of honey sourced from different places. This ends up impacting the potency of the honey. EiwaHoney, on the other hand, ensures all honey comes from the same source.

5.     Traceable products for you to judge!

Traceable honey

Regular honey cannot be traced. But, you can trace EiwaHoney back to its source! This lets you know that the honey is sourced ethically, with transparency and honesty at the forefront of all business practices. All EiwaHoney jars have a QR code that you can scan to trace the source.

6.     Pure honey that you can bank on!

Pure honey

Many local honey brands add processed sugar and other contaminants to the honey to increase their profits and improve their taste. EiwaHoney offers honey that is free of any harmful adulterants!

7.     Beekeepers who take care of their bees!

safe beekeeping

Beekeepers who haven’t received proper training end up resorting to pesticides and insecticides while procuring honey. EiwaHoney believes in address the problem at the grassroots level by offering training to beekeepers and ensuring they treat the bees with kindness. EiwaHoney’s products are guaranteed to be free from insecticides and pesticides!

So, which one do you think fares better? EiwaHoney or local honey?