How Can Honey Help You Battle Depression?

Anxiety and depression unfortunately are two of the most common mental health problems in the world today. To deal with these mental health issues a number of treatments addressing both physical and mental health have emerged in the recent years. One of them happens to be honey, which is by far the best solution for achieving a mental balance and reducing the symptoms of depression. 

Now, you must be wondering how can honey for depression be a potential remedy? Well, before we trace the link between honey and depression let us first understand what is depression and what are some common causes of this mental health problem. 

What is depression?

What is depression

Depression is a serious medical problem that often affects how a person feels, thinks and acts. This illness is known to cause increased feelings of loneliness, sadness and a loss of interest in daily activities. Depression is often regarded as a serious mental health issue because it leads to a variety of mental and physical health problems and as such messes with a person's ability to function well at work and at home. Now, let us take a look at some of the most common causes of depression: 

Serious illnesses - Depression often exists in tandem with other major illnesses and as such can be triggered by certain medical conditions as well. 

Genetics - A family history of depression often increases the chances of developing depression at some point of life. This is because depression is usually considered a complex trait, that is mostly an amalgamation of different genes each of which exert small effects on a person's mental health. 

How does honey help with depression?

How does honey help with depression

Honey is quite well-known for its mood boosting abilities, but did you know there is a link between honey and depression as well? In fact, the link between mental health and honey and honey and depression is established by various testimonies. 

First of all, honey contains a fair amount of sugar and as such serves as a steady source of energy upon ingestion. But, that’s not all, consumption of honey for depression is a good idea because the nectar forces the brain to release endorphins, which cause a mild high and release happy hormones in the body.

Moreover, by studying the link between honey and depression it was also established that fatigue, which is caused by insomnia, is one of the most common trigger points for depressed individuals. Taking honey for depression just so happens to release tryptophan, a sleep-inducing acid that forms serotonin which in turn promotes sleep and helps tackle depression. 

How to take honey for depression?

How to take honey for depression

There are three distinct ways of consuming honey for depression

  1. Honey for depression treatment 

Before going to sleep at night, take a spoonful of honey and add a pinch of salt to it. This mixture usually relaxes the brain and as such helps people deal with the various symptoms of depression. It is therefore advisable to consume honey for depression regularly for a healthier body and mind. 

  1. Cinnamon and honey for depression treatment 

It is a matter of rather common knowledge that cinnamon is loaded with manganese which is an important element that connects various nerves and tissues in the brain. Honey on the other hand is known to calm the nerves and relieve the various complications associated with depression. 

To make a mixture of honey and cinnamon follow the below-mentioned steps: 

  • Take about 1 tablespoon of honey and mix it with half a tablespoon of cinnamon powder.
  • You can either consume this mixture as it is, or for even better results add this mixture to a glass of warm milk.
  • It is usually recommended to drink this mixture every night right before sleeping. 
  1. Almonds and honey for depression treatment

We all know that almonds in general play a crucial role in increasing memory power. However, did you know that almonds often help treat other mental health problems as well such as depression, schizophrenia and Alzheimer's disease? Add to that the antioxidant benefits and you have another reason to have almonds with honey for depression

So, to use almonds and honey for depression follow the below-mentioned procedure: 

  • Grab about five to ten almonds and crush them properly into a fine powder.
  • Thereafter, mix the crushed pieces of almond with about a tablespoon of honey.
  • Consume this mixture twice a day - once in the morning and once before you go to bed at night. 

Is it safe to consume honey daily during depression?

Despite the fact that studies linking mental health and honey have established many health benefits of honey for the body and mind. It is still important to remember that honey contains a certain amount of sugar as well which when consumed in excess can have detrimental effects. Therefore, as a pro tip, always ensure moderation when consuming honey and avoid eating sugar or any other forms of sugar if you are consuming honey on a regular basis. 

Depression, needless to say, is a mental health problem that requires immediate medical attention. However, while you are seeking professional treatment consider trying honey for depression as well. Not only does honey improve a person’s overall well-being, but its amazing taste is sure to uplift your mood as well. Check out the many EiwaHoney flavours to alleviate depression symptoms!