How can honey help you fight PCOS?

PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome has become quite common in females these days. It isn’t a harmful condition but it leads to many hormonal changes in women. To keep this condition under control, women make a lot of changes in their lifestyle and take medications. But what if you’re told that it can be kept under control using something that is commonly found in almost every Indian household? 

Wondering what that is? It’s honey! Honey has a lot of benefits when it comes to health and fighting PCOS is one of them. You can include this thick sweet golden-coloured liquid in your diet to keep this condition under control.

PCOS and Honey: What’s the link?

PCOS and Honey

PCOS and obesity go hand in hand. PCOS messes up the hormonal cycle in women which will ultimately lead to obesity. To lessen the risk of obesity, you need to exercise regularly and include a lot of fruits and veggies in your diet. If nothing is done to decrease the weight then it can create havoc and cause serious ailments like arthritis and strokes. You can also decrease the risk of obesity by including a little honey in your diet. 

Honey has been hailed as a healthy liquid for centuries if taken in controlled amounts. You can include a little honey in your diet and keep PCOS under control. Honey, if taken in optimal amounts, leads to weight loss and thus prevents obesity which is one of the common changes that occurs due to PCOS. You can include honey for a PCOS diet in a variety of ways but the following are some of the best combos that you can easily find in your kitchen.

How to use honey for a PCOS diet?

How to use honey for a PCOS diet

1.    Cinnamon and Honey

Cinnamon is known to regulate the menstrual cycle and decreases menstrual pain. Meanwhile, honey is known for its weight loss capability and numerous other health benefits. So, combining these two would make a good combo that will not only help you decrease weight but also lessens the menstrual pain. You can add a little warm water to powdered cinnamon and a spoonful of honey and you will have a beverage that will keep you warm during the harsh Indian winters while keeping Polycystic Ovary Syndrome under control. This is one of the easiest ways to incorporate honey for a PCOS diet.

2.    Ginger and Honey

Ginger and honey are taken to keep cough, cold and flu at bay. But that’s not all ginger and honey, both are responsible for accelerating your metabolism and preventing obesity. You can grate a little ginger and mix it with a spoonful of honey to create a sweet and spicy mixture that will help you fight PCOS. Not a big fan of eating raw ginger? Then you can have a cup of ginger tea, and all you need to do is replace regular sugar with honey.  This method of using honey for a PCOS diet will not only help in regulating your menstrual cycle but also controlling your weight while protecting you from the flu season.

3.    Tea and Honey

Tea is the most common item that you can find in any Indian household. In India, tea is prepared in a number of ways but the most common one is masala chai. It is a tea prepared with a variety of ingredients like ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper, etc. Mix in a little honey for a PCOS diet and give it a sweet and spicy twist to help you take down PCOS while protecting you from all the winter woes.

4.    Water and Honey

Drinking warm water first thing in the morning increases the fat burning rate of your body while rehydrating your body. You can further boost its fat burning capability by adding a spoonful of honey to it. But that’s not all, warm water is known to decrease menstrual pain and control excessive hormonal changes. This tasty and easy to use honey for a PCOS diet will help you control your PCOS in no time.

5.    Lemon and Honey

Lime and honey both are associated with preventing obesity, one of the major risks of PCOS. Mixing those two would result in an ultimate beverage that will decrease your weight easily and quickly. But remember to replace sugar with honey otherwise it will be of no use. If you suffer from unbearable menstrual, pain then this combo would help you decrease it, which is another reason to try this method of using honey for a PCOS diet.

6.    Garlic and Honey

In recent studies, garlic is shown to balance out hormones and make period cramps bearable. PCOS causes hormonal changes which makes garlic the perfect food item to tone down the problem. Mix it with a little honey to greatly boost your body’s immunity and decrease the risk of obesity. 

Now you know the items that you will need to regulate hormonal changes because of PCOS and how to use honey for a PCOS diet, all you need to do is mix them and you are good to go. But remember to not go overboard with this thick sugary substance otherwise you will be doing more harm than good to your body!