How to protect our children from this pandemic?


Our analysis from Ayurvedic point of view is that the current virus causes a massive imbalance in Air element or Vaat. This dries up the body and if mucous is present in lung cells they will have a real problem absorbing oxygen. Inflammation is also accompanied because cells start losing fluids. This inflammation causes the immune system to go on overdrive. A very simple strategy is to hydrate the body so that body does not dry up and excess mucus present is rapidly thrown out. The current virus is harmless to children as younger bodies can resist the drying up of the effect of the virus and their immune system is modulated pretty well. But obese and higher BMI children are at risk and so are skinny kids. Few things can and should be done to prevent children from falling sick.

Step 1

Refined sugar is known to lower immunity for few hours. Natural honey is a great replacement since not only it modulates the immune system but is also known for its anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Adding licorice to honey can help kids maintain body fluids and throw out excess mucus from the lungs.

Step 2

The two body types need to be identified. If your kid has straight thin hair or redness of face he or she most likely have Pitta type body. Pitta type or heating type should increase intake of clarified butter known as Ghee made from cow milk or A2 milk. Curd is fine too.

Non-Pitta or cooling type can be helped with honey with Tulsi if BMI is on the higher side and natural honey with warm milk if BMI is on the lower side (skinny) two to three times a day. They need to avoid cooling foods like Ice Cream, curd altogether. According to Ayurveda cooling foods stop the body from producing biochemicals required by the body.

Step 3

Daily oil massage is a must before bath. For Pitta type use coconut oil and/or Brahmi. For non-Pitta type Sesame oil or general-purpose medicated oil like Dhanvantram is good.

Step 4

Do not overfeed children. Wait for them ask for food. In case of low hunger use liver tonics.

Children are at very low risk since the current virus action is very different from Spanish Flu. Spanish Flu virus produces mucus therefore were more life-threatening for children. We predict that the third wave will not hit children (only a few as I mentioned above) but we should use this opportunity to learn to bring in Ayurveda and other traditional know-how in our daily lives.