Is Jamun Honey Good for Diabetics?

You surely remember eating Jamuns in your childhood, not that you particularly liked its taste or perhaps knew its health benefits. But you simply loved the purple tongue it gave you, isn’t it? The same holds true for honey, everyone in general loves the taste of honey but are much less aware of the various benefits it provides. Nowadays, though, you must have noticed a combination of these two super healthy ingredients making an appearance on the shop shelves in the form of Jamun Honey. Is honey good for diabetics? Yes Jamun Honey is recently exploding in popularity specifically because it works to reduce blood sugar levels all the while allowing people to enjoy the all too familiar taste of Jamun and Honey. So, in this article, let us explore the various benefits of Jamun Honey for diabetes

What is the nutrient profile of Jamun Honey? 

is honey good for diabetics

Before we delve into the benefits of Jamun Honey for diabetes. Let us first understand the nutrient profile of Jamun Honey. 

  • Jamun Honey is essentially a variant of honey that is low on calories and is an excellent source of phytochemicals and Vitamin C.
  • Besides, being high in fibre this honey is diuretic as well and is thus considered ideal for treatment of conditions like heart diseases, asthma, arthritis and dysentery.
  • Since Jamun Honey contains potent diuretic effects, it thus helps in flushing out toxins from the kidney and keeps diabetes at bay. 

Does Jamun Honey really help in diabetes or can diabetics eat Jamun Honey? 

honey for diabetics

Several studies since the early 1960’s have indicated that both Jamun and Honey contain promising antidiabetic properties. To test the same, a study was conducted in the year 2011 in Mangalore, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu where people who consumed Jamun and Honey together for about a week, noticed relatively reduced blood sugar levels, so diabetic person can eat honey.

How is Jamun Honey beneficial for people with diabetes? 

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Jamun Honey for diabetes is beneficial due to the inherent properties of both Jamun and Honey which when combined together in the form of Jamun Honey significantly reduce the blood sugars levels in people. To better understand the benefits of Jamun Honey for diabetes read the below-mentioned points. 

  • Jamboline in Jamun Honey is known to contain medicinal properties that usually facilitate quicker healing. Besides, the phytochemicals present in Jamun Honey also play a significant role in slowing down release of sugar and give a boost to insulin production - the two core functions that are important for keeping diabetes under control.
  • Jamun Honey also contains alkaloids, which convert starch into energy and thus help in reducing some common diabetes symptoms like constantly feeling thirsty and frequent urination.
  • Jamun Honey when consumed twice a day significantly reduces the blood sugar levels.
  • Though surprising, Jamun Honey is actually quite a rich source of fibre as well. Now, fibre as we all know boosts the digestive system and improves metabolism. A healthy digestive system thereafter gives a boost to immunity and reduces the risks and side effects associated with diabetes.
  • Men suffering from diabetes often experience erectile dysfunction and low sex drive. However, regular intake of Jamun Honey can help boost the libido naturally, thus reducing the problem of erectile dysfunction in men. 

What are the benefits of replacing sugar with Jamun Honey?

can diabetics eat honey

One core benefit of eating Jamun Honey is that it increases the insulin levels in the body and helps control the blood sugar levels. In fact, most doctors in general recommend replacing sugar with Jamun Honey for added health benefits. Rightly so, Jamun Honey offers a basic advantage of being rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. A diet rich in anti-inflammatory properties, is usually known to improve how the body metabolizes sugar. This, in turn, majorly reduces the diabetes complications in people who are suffering from Type-2 diabetes. Besides, Jamun Honey is actually known to contain strong anti-inflammatory properties. Now, Inflammation in general leads to insulin resistance, which is when the body doesn’t respond properly to insulin, which plays a key role in controlling the blood sugar levels.

How to use Jamun Honey for Diabetes? 

can diabetic patient eat honey

Jamun Honey for diabetes can be readily replaced as an alternative to white sugar in all meals and recipes. Below-mentioned are some ways of consuming Jamun Honey especially if you are suffering from Diabetes. As a pro tip, always seek advice from a doctor before trying any of these recipes. 

  • You can sweeten the tea with Jamun Honey instead of white sugar to keep the blood sugar levels in control.
  • Take a spoonful of Jamun Honey after each meal either with warm water or alone.
  • Mix one spoon of Jamun Honey in a glass of water and drink first thing in the morning or whenever you need energy.
  • If you are allowed to eat 2 spoons of sugar in a day, then you can easily consume up to 6 spoons of Jamun Honey per day. Routine consumption of Jamun Honey helps reduce the symptoms associated with Diabetes all the while providing the body an adequate amount of sugar that is usually needed to avoid general body complications such as weakness, fatigue and pain.
  • Make a mixture of Jamun Honey, cinnamon, fenugreek and ashwagandha and eat it twice a day. This mixture is known to work wonders especially for diabetes patients. Apart from reducing pain and weakness in the body, this mixture improves a person’s immunity and shields them against various infections as well. 

Are there any side effects of using Jamun Honey for Diabetes? 

can diabetic patient eat honey

Jamun Honey broadly speaking is absolutely safe for consumption by Diabetes patients. However, the effects of Jamun Honey on blood sugar levels are usually variable, therefore it is always a good idea to stop consuming this honey a fortnight before any scheduled surgeries. Also, Diabetes in general varies by type and severity, as a pro tip, always consult your doctor before you start consuming Jamun Honey to understand the right dosage based on your conditions. 

What are some other health benefits of using Jamun Honey? 

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  • Jamun Honey often works as a natural face pack when applied on skin. You can therefore apply this honey on your face and leave it overnight. Jamun Honey is considered a one-shot remedy for all skin problems and is sure to give you radiant skin, with lesser pimples, dark spots and pigmentation after just a few days of usage. 
  • Jamun Honey is actually a potassium-rich variant of honey which is quite good for heart health. This honey is known to prevent blockage in arteries and thus reduces the risk of heart diseases. Besides, potassium is also considered good for high blood pressure patients as it negates the effect of sodium on high blood pressure. 
  • Jamuns Honey is significantly low in calories and can be effectively included in a weight loss diet. This honey besides being rich in fibre improves digestion as well. All these properties combined together make Jamun Honey an ideal ingredient to be used for a healthy weight loss. 
  • In case you are suffering from some minor throat problems or oral diseases such as Gingivitis or plaque then consider taking Jamun Honey once a day to relieve the problem. 

Holistic medical practitioners around the world advise Jamun Honey for diabetes to their patients. Not only does Jamun Honey work as a sweet blessing for diabetic patients but it also lowers the fasting “serum glucose” levels and increases the fasting “C” peptides, both fundamental to controlling the diabetes related complications in people. Now, if you or your loved ones are suffering from Diabetes then consider trying Jamun Honey for diabetes today.