Sidr Honey as a Cancer Shield: How to use Sidr Honey for Cancer?

Sidr monofloral honey is extracted from Sidr trees which are mostly found in the desert regions of Middle Eastern countries which include Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and even in Pakistan’s Potohar region. Monofloral honey has a high value in the market place due to its unique and delicious taste. Keep reading to now how adding Sidr honey to your diet can improve your health and how you can use Sidr Honey for Cancer

Sidr Honey for Health! 

honey for cancer this morning

According to the research conducted by Hamed A. Ghramh, Sidr honey is known to be used in the treatment of liver, stomach ulcers, lung infections, malnutrition consequences, digestion problems, constipation, etc. Along with being a multifunctional and multipurpose substance, they also show inhibitory characteristics towards tumor and cell growth in the body. 

In Indian culture, honey has been one of the most suggested home remedies and natural sweeteners for people with diabetes. It has also served as an alternative for prescription pills, mainly for people who prefer a natural medicine with little to no side effects. Having talked about its medical properties, its benefits are not just limited to health care. Honey is used in cooking a variety of home foods and sweets, it’s used as a smoothening agent for hair and also in a bunch of cosmetic and ayurvedic products. Among the variety of honey available in the market, Sidr honey is one such which is mainly used towards medicinal treatments because of its popular anticancer properties. 

Now that you know how beneficial this honey is, it’s time to learn about using Sidr Honey for Cancer. 

Sidr Honey for Cancer 

honey good for cancer patients

Cancer is one of the most horrifying diseases that a person and their family have to go through. With everything that the healthcare workers do to treat cancer, it can be quite tolling on the person who is going through the treatment with a great number of side effects inflicting more pain on them. Because of these ill effects that certain treatments possess, finding a healthier and effective alternative can be extremely vital and less destructive on the patient’s physical and mental health. 

With reference to the research conducted by Food Science & Nutrition, it is said that “Honey has several bioactive molecules such as caffeic acid, caffeic acid phenethyl ester, and flavonoid glycons which have been shown to have inhibitory effects on tumor cell division.” It is further believed that using Sidr Honey for Cancer can help as it could tremendously improve the conditions of bone and stomach cancer depending on the intake and dosage of the same. It is said that Sidr Honey for Cancer has no side effects. 

Even when used in small quantities, Sidr honey shows exceptional antibacterial activity inside the body, helping it keep your system hygienic and free of harmful microbes that could otherwise cause infections. There are different ways one can consume Sidr Honey for Cancer depending on the purpose of the treatment or usage. 

For using Sidr Honey for Cancer, it is claimed that consuming it with ground cinnamon 3 times a day can ultimately heal bone cancer and even cure it. The improvements in health after starting on this honey treatment can be seen within a month. Some of the other cancers that can be fought with Sidr honey are – brain tumors, breast cancer, liver cancer, and pancreatic cancer. This shows that many different patients can benefit from using Sidr Honey for Cancer. 

But, what makes using Sidr Honey for Cancer a good idea? Sidr honey serves the prime purpose of reducing chronic inflammatory processes and increasing immunity. They are even called “natural cancer vaccine” by many. Moreover, it is said that honey is generally rich in flavonoids that contribute towards anti-cancer characteristics and improving immunity. According to recent research, some polyphenols found in honey namely, caffeic acid (CA), caffeic acid phenyl esters (CAPE), chrysin (CR), galangin (GA), quercetin (QU), kaempferol (KP), acacetin (AC), pinocembrin (PC), pinobanksin (PB), and apigenin (AP), have evolved as promising pharmacological agents in prevention and treatment of cancer. 

Sidr honey along with multiple varieties of honey have been completely monumental in helping cancer patients heal and recover with little to absolutely no side effects, which in hindsight seems like a better bargain than the mess chemotherapy leaves you with. Additionally, it is known and proven that Sidr honey can improve your health to a great extent even if not for cancer. After observing and surfing through multiple pieces of research on how using Sidr Honey for Cancer can be valuable towards reducing tumor growth and cancer healing, it can be said that this honey genuinely deserves a shot! 

Additionally, Daily consumption of this honey is claimed to have lots of benefits including improving your skin, weight loss, preventing infections, and much more. 

How to include Sidr Honey in your daily routine?

sidr Honey in your daily routine

Some of the ways Sidr Honey can be included in your daily routine are –

  • Drizzle it to substitute maple syrup and sweeteners on pancakes, waffles, and cupcakes
  • Adding few drops of honey to hot water with lime and consuming in the morning
  • Consuming 2-3 tablespoons of raw honey on a daily basis
  • Can be used on wound, burns, or bruises for faster healing
  • Add a couple of teaspoons of honey to curries to enhance the flavor
  • It could also be used in skincare remedies such as facemask along with other medicinal products such as turmeric, yogurt, almond oil, etc.
  • It could be used as a hair mask in a similar fashion along with hair growth-enhancing substances 
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