Turmeric and Honey: Health Benefits and Uses

Turmeric and honey are two ingredients that have been used for centuries for their innumerable health benefits.

Thanks to the efficient anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties, both honey and turmeric can help in treating various skin conditions, gastric and intestinal problems, blood sugar levels and much more.

Through this article, we will take you through all turmeric with honey benefits and the uses in detail.

What are the benefits of turmeric and honey?

 To give you a better idea of the benefits of both turmeric and honey, we have listed them separately.

Health Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric is one of the most powerful natural food items in terms of medicinal benefits, which is exactly the reason why it is a potent part of most Ayurvedic medicines. It is mainly because of the ingredient called curcumin, which is the major reason for turmeric’s healing power.

Turmeric and Honey: Health Benefits and Uses

Following are the major benefits of turmeric:

  • Inflammation is very important for our body, as it helps fight the pathogens and disease-causing bacteria. However, it is only good when it happens in a limit. Chronic inflammation can lead to some serious trouble, and this is where consuming turmeric can aid your body in stopping it. Turmeric is so efficient in this aspect that it can beat most anti-inflammatory drugs in the market, as it has no side effects.


  • Free radicals can speed up the process of oxidation in the body, leading to faster ageing and development of diseases. The antioxidant properties of turmeric can protect your body from these free radicals, improve blood circulation and hence the immune system to fight diseases.


  • Curcumin helps in improving the functionality of endothelium, the thin lining on your blood vessels. If this lining gets thick or stops functioning in the ideal manner, then it can lead to heart diseases.


  • Turmeric can help prevent cancer or even treat it. Several studies have shown the efficacy of curcumin in killing cancerous cells in the body. Moreover, it reduces the growth of blood vessels in tumours (angiogenesis) and the spread of cancer (metastasis) as well. One thing to note here is that turmeric is most effective in stopping cancers related to digestive system.


  • Even though there is no known effective medicine for the Alzheimer’s disease, the best we can do is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Here, turmeric can be of great help as it stops both inflammation and oxidation, two things that play major roles in causing the Alzheimer’s disease.


  • Turmeric works as a great anti-ageing supplement. Drinking turmeric milk and honey or applying the mix of haldi and honey topically on your skin can reduce scars and acne on the skin and make the skin healthy from within.


Health Benefits of Honey

 Honey has great antibiotic properties, as it can help beating many disease-causing bacteria. Honey is so potent that many studies promote this as the first line of defence for many infections.

Following are the major health benefits of honey:

  • Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, honey is excellent to treat wounds and small injuries. You just need to apply it topically, and you will be good to go


  • Honey helps fight free radicals and improves blood circulation, thus playing a huge role in improving the immune system


  • Honey is a good sugar substitute for diabetics, as it is less harmful than regular sugar. In fact, raw and organic honey can help maintain the blood sugar levels. However, it should be consumed in a limited quantity


  • Since honey has excellent anti-oxidant properties, it can help regulate blood pressure levels. Interestingly, this can also help you reduce stress and anxiety in some cases


  • Honey helps you fight high cholesterol levels. Several studies have shown how honey reduces the production of bad LDL cholesterol and instead increases the production of good LDL cholesterol. This should lower the chances of you suffering from heart diseases


  • Suffering from cold and cough is something that is quite common. So, rather than relying on antibiotics to treat it every time, you can take help of honey. Honey stops the itchiness and soreness in the throat. This is mainly helpful for young kids above the age of 1



  • Applying turmeric and honey for face benefits are aplenty, as this combination nourishes face and skin in general. You can even apply it on your neck area and arms to lighten the skin tone to a certain extent.


  • Honey can also be used for weight management, as it improves the functioning of digestive system. The liver is now able to secrete the digestive juice Bile in the right quantity, thereby improving digestion and metabolism, both of which are important in losing weight.


What are the uses of turmeric and honey?


There are many ways to use turmeric and honey to enjoy their medicinal benefits. Let us brief you about some of them:

  1. Milk, Honey and Turmeric

Now, this is a simple recipe that you can use to improve your internal health. You just need to mix a teaspoon of milk and a tablespoon of honey in a cup of lukewarm milk, and you will be good to go. The ideal time to have this would be before you go to sleep. This should help you improve digestion, blood circulation, metabolism, immune system and more.

It can also help reduce high blood pressure, sleeplessness, stress, and prevent production of cancerous cells. All these benefits round off the major milk honey and turmeric benefits.

  1. Green tea, Honey and Turmeric

You can have a drink of green tea, honey and turmeric in the morning to speed up the results of your weight loss program. Honey and green tea improve digestion in the body, which is important to lose weight. This drink also enhances the metabolism of your body, which is instrumental in helping you with weight management.

  1. Turmeric-Honey Face Mask

One of the biggest turmeric and honey benefits is that they can help you with various skin problems. For this, you need to create a face mask with one tablespoon of turmeric and one tablespoon of honey and mix it well. You can add a few drops of milk as well to make it easy to use. Apply this mix on your face and neck, and let it sit for 10-15 minutes before washing it away with lukewarm water.

  1. Honey Turmeric Chicken

Now here is a 15-min recipe that every non-vegetarian will love. Marinate the chicken with turmeric powder, salt, cayenne powder and crushed garlic. Cook it on a skillet and apply honey on it to get a sweet savoury chicken dish for your dinner. Eating this will help you with your protein intake for the day, and give your body the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

This spiced honey chicken is ideal for people who exercise regularly, as it improves your energy levels and immunity.

Frequently Asked Questions About Turmeric and Honey Benefits

  • Is turmeric and honey a good antibiotic?

Turmeric and honey are considered to be excellent antibiotics, as they do not cause any side effects. In fact, it is known to be the most potent natural antibiotic out there. It can treat cough, cold, skin diseases like eczema, acne, scars and other diseases caused by bacteria and pathogens. You can apply it topically or consume it internally, as per your requirement.


  • How do you mix turmeric and honey?

You can mix turmeric and honey simply to make a thick paste, if you are to apply it on your skin. For this, you can take help of a third ingredient like milk as well if you want. On the other hand, if you are to consume turmeric and honey internally, then you are supposed to mix it with green tea or milk.


  • Does turmeric and honey lighten skin?

Yes, the right mix of turmeric and honey can help lighten skin. Applying it topically on your arms and face can reduce the unevenness of your skin tone and give it a more natural look. This is ideal for people who travel a lot and have been affected by tanning.


  • What will happen if you drink turmeric every day?

The turmeric and honey drink benefits you in various ways if you drink it on a regular basis. In fact, it is safe to drink daily if you mix the right proportions. Make sure that you do not use more than ½ tablespoon of honey and turmeric in the drink. You will be able to improve your metabolism, blood circulation, sleep patterns and prevent diseases like cold, cough, common flu, certain cancers, heart diseases and more.



In conclusion, we would like you to stress once more on the fact that both turmeric and honey are superfoods that you should definitely include in your daily diet. It should be easy for you to do it, now that you know their innumerable benefits, and how to use them.


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