Using lemon juice with honey to cure diabetes

With continuous studies and researches, it has been found that honey plays a crucial role in improving the health conditions of diabetic patients. The extent of this might still be unknown but it is pretty clear that consuming honey helps in such cases. Similarly, lemon juice is a new entry in the list of home remedies that can be used to alleviate the conditions of diabetics. So, how about combining honey and lemon juice for diabetes? Yes, consuming both lemon and honey in different ways can surely help you improve your condition, be it type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Find out more by reading ahead!

Is lemon and honey good for diabetes?

Is lemon and honey good for diabetes

Both lemon and honey offer their own benefits to diabetic patients. Here, we will help you understand both their benefits separately so that you get a better hang of how they benefit you.

Lemon juice has two things going for it, which makes it one of the best food items to consume to alleviate the effects of diabetes. Vitamin C and Soluble Fiber. Since both these factors contribute in improving the metabolism of the human body, lemon juice is ideal for diabetics.

The naringin, naringinen and flavonoids present in the lemon juice have excellent anti-oxidant anti-inflammatory effects. With improved metabolism, it should help you boost your immune system, which is a must for diabetics. Some studies have also shown that Vitamin C helps in improving insulin resistance as well. However, note that there is still no solid proof to establish a direct link between these properties of lemon juice and the benefits it provides to diabetics. Furthermore, the soluble fiber of the lemon juice helps in reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels, along with helping in weight loss.

Now, coming to honey, this is one of the rare sweet food item that can be consumed by diabetics, unless otherwise said by a doctor. Honey, when consumed in the right proportion, helps in improving the insulin levels in the blood and the overall health for patients. Several doctors feel that it may very well have a hypoglycemic effect, which helps in alleviating the conditions of diabetes.

Honey and lemon juice for diabetes is therefore a great remedy that you should definitely try. Now, we will tell you the ways in which you can consume them.

How to take lemon and honey for diabetes?

How to take lemon and honey for diabetes

Honey and lemon juice for diabetes can be consumed either separately or as a combination. Even if you are drinking it as a combination, there are two options. One way is to mix both of them in equal proportions and drink it once a day. Otherwise, you can make a glass of lemonade and then add a teaspoon of honey in it, if you are not a fan of citrusy taste. However, make sure that you do not add sugar or any other sweetener in the lemonade. Other than these two options, you can consume them separately. You can drink lemonade for the intake of the lemon juice and consume honey by mixing it with half a glass of lukewarm water. With such simple ways to consume, honey and lemon juice for diabetes are something that you should definitely have every day.

Is lemon and honey good for type 1 diabetes?

Is lemon and honey good for type 1 diabetes

Since type 1 diabetes is an auto-immune disease, consumption of honey and lemon juice for diabetes can be really beneficial. Lemon juice, thanks to its immunity-boosting factors can turn out to be an excellent food item to include in your diet. This should help you prevent the effects of type 1 diabetes aggravating and resulting in serious health issues.

Similarly, honey too is a good for type 1 diabetes, as it increases the insulin level in your blood by aiding the rapid production C-peptide in big numbers.

Is lemon and honey good for type 2 diabetes?

Is lemon and honey good for type 2 diabetes

Honey and lemon are good for type 2 diabetes as well. Several researches have showed how honey can help you alleviate the condition of type 2 diabetes, thanks to the hypoglycemic effect it has. This helps in lowering the blood sugar levels, which is important to maintain the sugar levels in the blood. Similarly, lemon juice helps in improving insulin resistance to a certain extent, which is crucial for a type 2 diabetic patient.

In conclusion, we would like to say that it is very important to ensure that you do not consume both lemon juice and honey in the right proportion. Also, you should always opt for natural sources, instead of Vitamin C supplements or honey with preservatives. Check out Eiwahoney’s flavours to find the perfect honey for your needs!