What is a honeycomb: Benefits, uses and side effects!

A honeycomb is often called the home of bees where they live and store the nectar that they collect from various sources. This ‘house’ of bees houses more than just their honey, pollen and nectar. The honeycomb also houses all the larvae of all the bees that produce their honey there. 

What makes a honeycomb special in nature?

bee honeycomb

When we talk about the interesting shape of the honeycomb, we notice that with the open end higher than the back end, the axes of the honeycomb cells are still almost horizontal. A cell's open end is usually referred to as the cell's top, while the bottom is considered the opposite end. The cells slope slightly upwards towards the open ends, between 9 and 14°. There are two potential reasons as to why, rather than any other form, the honeycomb is made of hexagons. Second, a partition of equal-sized cells is formed by the hexagonal tiling, thus minimizing the cells' total perimeter.

Known as the honeycomb conjecture in geometry, this was given by Jan Brożek and proven by Thomas Hales much later. Thus, to build a lattice of cells within a given volume, a hexagonal structure uses the least content. A second explanation provided by D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson is that the shape simply results from the process of bringing cells together by individual bees: somewhat similar to the boundary shapes formed in a soap bubble region. He states in support of this that queen cells, which are individually built, are irregular and lumpy with no obvious efficiency attempt.

This geometric perfection is not demonstrated by individual cells: there are deviations of a few percent from the "perfect" hexagonal form in a regular comb. The shapes are also distorted in the transition zones between the larger drone comb cells and the smaller worker comb cells, or when the bees encounter obstacles. To avoid honey from leaking out, cells are also angled up around 13° from horizontal.

What function do honeycombs have?


Honeycombs store raw honey. Raw honey and raw honeycombs are different from the honey that is sold in markets. The major difference between the two is that one is completely raw and natural while the other is commercial. Commercial honey goes through multiple rounds of processing and pasteurization. As compared to commercial honey, raw honey has many more nutrients and is much healthier because it comes directly from the honeycomb and is not exposed to any chemicals of processing.  A lot of people ask the question, are honeycombs edible?

A real honeycomb is edible in its entirety. When we talk about the make of a honeycomb, it is made up of hexagonal cells and is surrounded by beeswax and raw honey. Along with honey and beeswax, a honeycomb also contains small quantities of bee pollen, propolis and royal jelly, by products of bees which are nutritious in their own way. A lot of people ask the question, is honeycomb good for you and how to eat honeycombs? Honey comb wax is very nutritious and the waxy cells that form the honeycomb can also be used as a natural gum for people who prefer chewing gum. 

Benefits of Honeycomb

honeycomb benefits

Honey is extremely healthy and is one of the healthiest supplements for sugar. Raw honey can be found in honeycombs in large quantities because honeycombs contain raw honey as their main component. Raw honey which is extracted directly from honeycombs contains a lot of proteins, minerals and vitamins. The composition of raw honey is 95-99% sugar and water. Raw honey is one of the best natural sweeteners and many people use it instead of sugar when trying to live a healthy and active life. 

If you look at the ingredients on the back of a commercially produced jar of honey, you will find that a lot of these e jars contain preservatives and other ingredients like high fracture corn syrup and other such sweeteners. This is very common in commercially produced jars of honey. This is because when companies produce honey, they take raw honey and heat and process it multiple times which end up destroying all its enzymes. Like glucose oxidase which gives honey its anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties. This ends up removing half the good nutrients and qualities that honey has to offer. Honeycombs also consists of various polyphenols; the natural antioxidants present in honey.

According to many scientists, this natural antioxidant help reduce the risk of you getting diabetes, hear disease, dementia, cancer and many other diseases. The beeswax present in the honeycomb is also very beneficial as it helps in providing fatty acids and alcohols which are very good for the heart and the body. Another benefit of consuming honeycomb and the honey that comes from it is that it helps improve heart health. As mentioned above, the fatty acids and the alcohols that a honeycomb and its honey provide you with help in reducing high blood cholesterol levels which in turn helps reduce your risk of getting heart diseases.

As discussed above, honey acts as one of the best supplements for sugar, providing sweetness to almost any drink and making it a healthy one as well. Along adding that sweet and fresh flavour to your life, honey also helps with dilating the arteries that are near your heart. In the long run, this helps with preventing heart attacks, clots and many ore heart related diseases. In a nutshell, honeycomb and the honey that is harvested from it helps your heart by increasing good HDL cholesterol levels, lowering the bad HDL cholesterol levels, increasing blood flow and by lowering lowering blood pressure and triglycerides.

Honeycomb and the honey on the comb can improve the ability of your body to combat certain bacteria and fungi. For example, test tube studies show that beeswax extracts, including Candida albicans, Staphylococcus aureus, E. coli, and Salmonella enterica, can provide protection against fungi and disease-causing bacteria. From coli. The antimicrobial properties of honey are also known. Research suggests that honeycomb and the honey that is extracted from it helps save you from the deadly Giardia lamblia intestinal parasite. 

In kids, Honeycomb can also help reduce coughing. Children are vulnerable to infections in the upper respiratory tract that can cause coughing. Honey can help to suppress this cough, research suggests. In a study done by scientists, consuming as little as 1/2 tsp of buckwheat honey 30 minutes before bedtime was more effective at minimizing the coughing-related pain of children than cough syrup. The group of children given buckwheat honey also slept better, or none at all, than those given cough syrup. The same advantages are likely to be provided by Honeycomb, as it is rich in honey. That being said, honey produces C-spores. Botulinum bacteria that can cause damage to young babies and that is the reason that doctors discourage giving honey to infants below 12.

A healthy liver can also be improved by Honeycomb and comb honey. A mixture of beeswax alcohol was given daily to people with liver disease in one 24-week study. Notably, a reduction in symptoms such as abdominal pain, bloating, and nausea was registered by 48 percent of those in the beeswax group versus just 8 percent in the placebo group. In addition, in 28 percent of the beeswax alcohols given, liver function returned to normal compared to none in the placebo community. Although these outcomes sound promising, it is unclear how much honeycomb you will need to eat to obtain the same advantages. Therefore, before firm conclusions can be made, further research in humans is needed.

Honeycomb can be eaten in a number of ways. Although you can eat it in its true and raw form, warm bread or English muffins maximize the taste of honey. Honeycomb is also used in homemade cookies at times and as a sweetener-or on top of biscuits, oatmeal, or yogurt. Many people enjoy a slice of honeycomb on top of salad, fruit and aged cheeses. 

With all the health benefits above, a lot of people ask the question, where can you buy raw honeycomb? The answer is simple. You are more likely to find honeycomb, although you can also purchase it online, at your nearest health food store or farmer’s market. Bear in mind that the darker the honey, the stronger its protective compounds, such as antioxidants, when choosing honeycomb.

The best honeycombs, in their entirety, can be found at bee farms and can be bought from bee keepers. Honeycombs in Bangalore and honeycombs in coorg are very famous in south India and there are a lot of places to by honeycombs from in these parts of India. You can also buy raw honeycombs online. When talking about honeycomb price, you can buy a good quality honeycomb within Rs. 1000.

Honeycomb uses

honeycomb uses

Bee honeycomb has a lot of healthy uses. A lot of people ask the question, will honeycomb be good for my skin? Honeycomb uses for skin are the most famous honeycomb uses.

Beeswax helps preserve and cure the skin. There are several distinct ways to use beeswax in your skincare routine, from lip balm to eye-liner. We've all learned of the lip balms and chap sticks with beeswax, so let's look into some other beeswax uses. Beeswax has many properties for healing. The anti-inflammatory properties of beeswax facilitate wound healing. It is also defensive, without clogging pores, helping create a barrier between the skin and the environment.

In addition, beeswax is rich in vitamin A, which has been found to encourage the reconstruction and health of cells. The protective nature of beeswax helps to preserve moisture and to decrease skin dryness. Beeswax has antibacterial qualities, too. It helps to preserve clean skin and decreases the chance of contamination. Research has shown that beeswax can inhibit bacteria and fungus growth, helping with conditions such as diaper rash.

Vitamin A in beeswax is a safe remedy for acne, along with its antiseptic and soothing properties. You may minimize acne outbreaks by softening the skin and helping to keep it moisturized without clogging pores. Beeswax's hypoallergenic and moisturizing properties make it an effective cure for dry skin and more severe conditions including eczema.

Beeswax can be used to treat to avoid further drying out of the itchiness of these conditions. To make a natural cure for stretch marks, mix beeswax with other ingredients, including vitamin E and cocoa butter. In the market, we all saw beeswax-based lip balms. Beeswax helps keep your lips clean and moisturized, and it's the ideal foundation for your lip balm.

Dangers of Honeycomb


dangers of honeycomb

Generally, honeycomb is deemed healthy to eat. It is at risk of contamination from C, however, because it contains honey. Eating honey comb can cause Spores from botulinum. These are especially detrimental to pregnant women and children below the age of 12 months.

Eating large quantities of honeycomb can cause stomach obstructions in certain instances. It might be safer to stop consuming large quantities of honeycomb every day, or simply spit out the waxy cells, to reduce the risk of this occurring. In addition, when consuming honeycomb, people with allergies to bee venom or pollen may want to use caution, as it may cause an allergic reaction. It's also important to remember that honeycomb remains very high in sugar despite its many potential benefits, so it's best to consume it in moderation.




The verdict is very simple. Honeycomb and honey are good for you.

Nutrients that normal honey does not contain might be raw honey. This means that raw honey could theoretically provide more health benefits, or more efficient benefits. Analysis has not verified this, however. Raw honey can contain additional elements that can provide additional antioxidant and antibacterial properties, such as bee pollen and bee propolis. There is promise of studies on the therapeutic uses of raw honey. Studies of its healing and nutritional properties suggest that raw honey could be a sweetener that is better than sugar.

Raw honey is usually safe to use, as long as a person is not allergic to bee pollen. Due to the possibility of infant botulism, doctors recommend that people should not give honey to infants under the age of 1. From age 1 onwards, Honey is healthy. This refers to honey that is both raw and normal. Also, it is very important to choose the right kind of honey. Raw honey would have a label that reads "raw honey." The manufacturer has either pasteurized it if the label does not have the word "raw," or does not come directly from a farmer or beekeeper who can confirm that it is raw. The mark may also identify the kind of flowers pollinated by the bees to make the honey.

The flower type determines the honey's flavour, colour, and antioxidant and vitamin content. Many kinds of pasteurized honey have "pure honey" labels. Some might say "clover honey" or may say they come from a local region. Even products labelled as "organic honey" may not be raw, as organic honey is pasteurized by some producers. High fructose corn syrup or other additives are present in some refined honey items. To make sure the honey is genuine, check the label. In recent years, raw honey has become more popular, and people can now buy it from many grocery stores and health food stores.

Farmers' markets often sell raw honey, often from the beekeeper directly. You can buy a large variety of brands of both raw honey and standard honey are sold by online retailers. With the recent trend, it has become very easy for people to buy good quality honey and honeycomb from a lot of online vendors.

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There are many benefits to eating honeycomb and honey. These are-

  1. Vitamins, minerals, pollen, and antioxidants are jam-packed with raw honeycomb.
  2. Nutrients are sealed in the honeycomb's wax cells.
  3. The antioxidants in honeycomb can promote the health of the heart
  4. Raw honeycomb rewards the synthesis of glucose.
  5. In preserving the liver, raw honeycomb helps.
  6. A sweet, unaltered, and unprocessed alternative to other sweeteners is raw honeycomb.
  7. Raw honeycomb helps treat a sore throat or cough.
  8. Raw honeycomb is an immune booster that is normal.
  9. The raw honeycomb will naturally improve your energy.
  10. Raw honeycomb facilitates improved sleep

With this, you now have all the information you need about honeycomb and its uses. honeycomb and honey are the best alternatives and supplements to a lot of artificial products. It is no secret that the best way to improve your health and promote a healthy lifestyle is to switch to natural and organic products. This does not only help keep you safe from unnecessary processing and chemicals but also helps provide you and your body the best natural nutrients that you need to live a healthy and fit life. It is very important to make use of all the healthy things that nature provides us with.

There is a reason that all of these natural products are edible and healthy for you and your body. Make the healthy and informed decision and switch to honeycomb and raw honey now by picking Eiwa Honey!