What is the best way to do fasting?

Fasting is an important for providing rest to the digestive system, and diverting vital energy otherwise utilized to digest food to the process of healing the body and the mind

Depending upon the fasting methodology. There are primarily four kinds of fasting and we suggest a fifth one:

A. Without food and water. Suitable for people who have a large body frame and tendency to gain weight or who have a higher fat percentage, with issues of water retention. It is the most effective and used in almost all religions. Not to be used very frequently. For this kind of fasting, Honey can be ideal to break the fast. Drinking honey water has more effect by flushing toxins out of the body after a long day of fasting than at any other time. 

B. Water based. This fast is suitable for all. People with edema or water retention issues should limit water intake.

C. Light food. People usually eat stuff which are light on stomach for days. That makes energy available to clean up toxins and cellular debris.

D. Specific food. Keto and similar diet, herbal medicines, and food supplements work on the principles of working against the body type. It is mostly epigenetic in nature and most likely to win in times to come. Epigenetics is pretty new in town but herbal medicinal systems such as Chinese and Indian have been doing epigenetics for ages and there is a need to explore them scientifically.

E. Fasting with honey. Natural Honey is the only superfood that contains everything the body needs. The only thing it is low in is proteins.

Honey solves two major problems associated with conventional fasting:

People suffering from diabetes and other chronic diseases should opt for only the fourth option, and avoid fasting in general, or should get it done under supervision.

  1. Headache, nausea, weakness
  2. Also it brings down food and sugar craving. Glucose and fructose along with natural ingredients in honey do not cause a spike in blood sugar levels.

Also, keep in mind natural honey is sold by very few brands across the world. Please use brands that work with farmers so that the chances of adulteration are minimized.

Product Suggestion(Based on their nature)

Himalayan multi-floral Honey, Sidr Honey, Jamun Honey, Tulsi Honey