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How to Use


·  Take 2-3 tablespoons as-is daily for optimum health.

·  Add a few drops to your black tea with a littlelemon juice for a stimulating beverage.

·  Drizzle as a sweetener on cupcakes, pancakes,waffles or fresh bread. (Tip - it also enhances the taste of savory curries!)

· Apply topically on wounds and burns for effective healing.

·  Make a facemask using equal amounts of Sidr honey, olive oil, and almond oil. Apply on your face and wash after 15 minutes.It will leave your skin soft, supple and feeling lustrous.

·   To reduce bed wetting, consume one teaspoon of honey before going to bed. (Make sure you empty your bladder first.) 

Sidr honey is a monofloral single-origin honey that originates from the nectar of the Sidr (also known as Beri or Jujube) trees. 


What is Sidr Honey?


Our Sidr honey is honey extracted from the flowering Sidr tree found in Northern India. It is one of the most sought-after varieties of honey in the world because of its unique taste and texture and numerous health benefits. Sidr honey has been used as a natural remedy to treat a number of ailments across different countries, and the tree is even considered sacred in some cultures.

Sidr honey is known for its antibacterial,antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral properties, making it an ideal remedy for a host of health issues ranging from weight management to skincare and cancer treatment. The Sidr berries are known to be extremely nutritious, and this is passed down to the honey as well, giving your a product that is nutritionally superior to commercial honey. 

How do I know if the honey is pure?


The best way to determine the purity of Sidr honey is through a water test. Simply pour some of the honey in a glass of water. If it is impure/artificial, the liquid will dissolve in water. If it settles down at the bottom of the glass, it is pure.

Why is Sidr honey so expensive?


At Eiwa we use a cold-extraction method, without adding any heat (heat kills the enzymes, and thus, the goodness of the honey). Using our cold extraction process, consumers are ensured of raw honey that is of much higher quality than the processed, treated and de-natured varieties that have flooded the market today. The tree and vegetation it grows in is found in very few areas of India, primarily in Rajasthan.

What is the average shelf life of Sidr honey?


When stored properly, in cool places away from direct sunlight, Sidr honey will stay without spoiling for more than 2 years. Proper storing practices are essential to the shelf life of any honey.

Is colour change normal in Sidr honey?


All types of raw, good-quality Sidr honey will change colour over time, this is natural. Sidr honey has a golden hue which darkens and turns reddish over time - but this has no bearing on the quality.

Is Eiwa Sidr honey natural and pure?


Yes! Our Sidr honey is extracted with great care in our high-tech beehives and no liquid fillers or sugars are added. Our high-tech hives and cold-extraction process ensure that consumers get the best quality raw honey with enzymes and goodness intact!

Is Sidr honey better than Manuka honey?


Sidr honey is derived from the Sidr tree (which is found in the Middle East, India, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Egypt, Libya and Sudan) while Manuka honey is derived from the Manuka shrub, native only to New Zealand. The Manuka shrub has been used mainly for its oil by the Maori of New Zealand to treat fevers, skin conditions and other diseases. Sidr, on the other hand, is a tree where every component - from the leaves to the bark to the berries - is beneficial. This high nutritional and medicinal value is found in the honey as well.

What does Sidr honey taste like?


Sidr honey is thick with a rich, lavish and buttery-sweet taste, containing notes of butterscotch and caramel.


Eiwa Honey is extracted using High-tech beehives designed for zero Violence against the bees during honey harvesting.

The technology enables automatic extraction of honey from the storage frames within the hive without removing the frames or disturbing the bees. Brood frames with queen bees and larvae are untouched. The bees remain stree-free, healthy and happy.


  • Traceability

    Single source honey can be traced to the type of plant, its location, and time period and bee species.

  • Purity

    It is pure,unadulterated and safe for consumers .

  • Therapeutic Value

    It ensures unique flavour,texture and therapeutic value of the plants are retained.

How can you trace your Eiwa Honey?

World's first honey traceable to the source. Ensuring 100% Purity.

Directly sourced from the farmers, who use our Technology, with no middlemen involved. Honey is bottled in the farm and is shipped to our fulfilment center from where it is shipped to the consumers.

Steps to trace your EIWA Honey

Look for the QR code on the cap of the Eiwa Honey Bottle

Scan it Using a QR CODE scanner app or your camera (in case of iPhones)

You will be redirected to a link showing the farmer details and the location details of the farm from where the honey originated