Where do you source your honey from?


We source it from our partner beekeepers who have implemented our beehive technology and who follow our quality guidelines. The honey is picked up directly and brought into our fulfillment centers from where it is shipped directly to the consumers. Our technology and process eliminates the need of any processors or middlemen.

Are your products certified organic?


We strongly believe "Technology not certifications play a great role in delivery of quality honey". While our honey and bee products are not certified organic. Our technology and processes helps us in ensuring that the honey and allied products are 100% free of pesticide and antibiotic contamination. It is also free of any additives and any infusions..We keep our bees in remote, green apiaries on huge organic farms and take every precaution to keep our bees far from pesticides.

Does the honey have added sugar, why is it mentioned on the nutrition facts of the label?


No, the product does not have any added sugars. The sugars and carbohydrates mentioned in the nutrition facts of the label is for the naturally occurring sugars in the honey.

Honey is made up of around 75 - 80 per cent sugars, of which roughly half is glucose and half is fructose (these proportions may vary depending on the source of the nectar). The remaining 20 to 25 per cent is water with a trace of protein, a trace of fat and a trace of fibre.

Does the honey have preservatives and additives?


Our technology enables minimal human intervention in the entire supply chain of the honey from farm to table. No additive and preservative are added at any steps.

In fact honey is highly acidic nature and high concentration of sugar forces the water out of any yeast or bacteria cells that could otherwise contaminate the food. Pure honey does not need any preservatives and can be itself used as a preservative.

Is your honey raw?


No, Our honey is not raw. It undergoes minimal and precise processing within the IoT enabled high tech beehive itself to ensure removal of large particles like pollen, dirt etc. No external heating and processing happens. Honey from the beehives is directly bottled and shipped to our fulfillment centers from where it is shipped to you.

How pure is your honey?


Eiwa Honey is 100% pure and natural from the nectar of real flowers.It has absolutely no additives or infusions..Our propriety technology solves the issue of purity at the beekeepers end. Our high tech IOT enabled and data-driven beehives helps us automate production, extraction and bottling of the honey with minimal human touch. The bees are not disturbed a bit during the whole process resulting in healthy bees producing better quality honey.

Our farmers use ethical beekeeping practices and our process ensure no use of antibiotics and pesticides that can contaminate the honey in any manner.

Why does some honey crystallize and some don't?


All kinds of honey will naturally crystallize over time, though Acacia, Ajwain and Tulsi honey take an incredibly long time in contrary to Mustard and Sheesham honey that crystallizes really fast. The majority of honey will begin the process of crystallization as soon as they leave the 35°C hive. Honey can also crystallize inside a hive if the bee cluster isn’t on top of it and it drops to 10°C for a while.

How fast honey crystallizes involves a number of factors, and the main one is how much glucose versus fructose was in the nectar that the bees used to make the honey. Honey contains a variety of sugars, including glucose, fructose, sucrose, and maltose. During the process from nectar to honey, the bees’ stomach enzymes break down most of the sucrose into glucose and fructose. Thus 70% of the honey content is made up of glucose and fructose, while around 18% is water. Glucose and fructose are the reason that the honey tastes sweet, but it is glucose that influences crystallization.

Because the water content is so low, honey is considered to be a supersaturated solution of the various sugars (a solution is considered saturated when as much solid as possible has been dissolved in it). Over time, the glucose molecules crystallize or separate out of the solution that the bees have created, forming crystals.

Once this happens, the first crystals act as a seed, creating more crystals and filling the whole container. Tiny molecules of pollen, propolis, and wax can also serve as a building point for crystals to start off. The honey is still perfectly fine to eat – to revert it back to its liquid form, all that’s required is the immersion in warm water for a few minutes.

Does honey ever expire or go bad?


Pure Honey can stay fresh for even 2000 years. If stored properly (in a sealed contained away from humidity), honey has a shelf life of, well, forever. This is due to honey’s hygroscopy and low pH, two qualities that make it difficult for the sticky substance to spoil.

Honey is anti-bacterial in nature and has a ph of about 3.26 -4.48 which makes survival of any kind of bacteria in it almost impossible.

Then you may ask, why we have mentioned an expiry date on our honey bottles?

Well, , the Indian and international food laws (like FSSAI, USFDA,etc) make it mandatory to mention a best before date or expiry date on the label of all packed foods. So we really don’t have a choice but to mention the Best before date on our honey bottles.

Honey can crystallize or change color over a period of time but thats ok and is a natural process.

You just have to make sure that the honey is not exposed to lots of humidity.

Does Tulsi, Ajwain and other types of honey have these ingredients infused in them?


No, there is absolutely no additive and infusions in our honey. The honey is produced from the nectar of real flowers. Like, in case of Tulsi honey, the honey comes from the nectar of Tulsi flowers from vast organic fields growing Tulsi(Holy basil) plants only. As we provide enough forage of the same plantation for the bees we are able to produce mono-floral honeys with its unique health benefits.

How can you say the honey is from Tulsi or Ajwain, can bees be told where to collect nectar?


Yes, of course bees cannot be told where to collect nectar. But bees are one of the most intelligent creatures on earth with complex ways of working.

To avoid mixing of nectar sources, you have to have enough of the predominant food source, so the bees don’t look elsewhere for food and have enough to forage on within a small radius. 

As we provide enough forage of the same plantation for the bees we are able to produce mono-floral honeys with its unique health benefits and flavor.

Why is your honey priced higher than some other brands available in the market?


Our honey is 100% pure and natural with zero additives or infusions. The  pesticide and antibiotic free product is  extracted automatically using high tech beehives with no human intervention.

We heavily invest in technology to ensure that traceability of the product and 100% purity is maintained.

It is single-origin honey and is subject to seasonal variations in available in limited quantities.

Like, in case of Tulsi honey, the honey comes from the nectar of Tulsi flowers from vast organic fields growing Tulsi(Holy basil) plants only.

It is up to the apiarists or beekeepers to limit where and when the bees can feed, so mono-floral honey is more work, and more expensive than regular honey.As we provide enough forage of the same plantation for the bees we are able to produce mono-floral honeys with its unique health benefits.

We pay our farmers more than twice the market rate. 

We have have a honey subscription option that ensures farmers off-take in advance and bulk pricing comes in, reducing the cost. Prices go down by more than 30% on subscribing and you have access to fresh honey from all flowering seasons. Please check out.

Honey Subscription

We also have an option of No-Cost EMI Option for easy monthly payments through your credit cards for 3-12 months. Please check the details of the offer here.  

How do I pay for a my purchase?


Eiwa offers you multiple payment methods. Whatever your online mode of payment, you can rest assured that Eiwa's trusted payment gateway partners use secure encryption technology to keep your transaction details confidential at all times.

You may use Internet Banking, UPI, Cash on Delivery and Wallet to make your purchase.

We also accepts payments made using Visa, MasterCard and Maestro credit/debit cards in India.

Do you provide Cash on Delivery?


If you are not comfortable making an online payment on eiwahoney.com, you can opt for the Cash on Delivery  payment method instead. With CoD you can pay in cash at the time of actual delivery of the product at your doorstep, without requiring you to make any advance payment online.

The maximum value of CoD orders is set to Rs 2000 for now. Foreign currency cannot be used to make a CoD payment. Only Indian Rupees accepted.

How do I pay using a credit/debit card?


We accept payments made by credit/debit cards issued in India.

We accept payments made using Visa and MasterCard credit cards.

To pay using your credit card at checkout, you will need your card number, expiry date, three-digit CVV number (found on the backside of your card). After entering these details, you will be redirected to the bank's page for entering the online 3D Secure password.

Debit cards

We accept payments made using Visa, MasterCard and Maestro debit cards.

To pay using your debit card at checkout, you will need your card number, expiry date (optional for Maestro cards), three-digit CVV number (optional for Maestro cards). You will then be redirected to your bank's secure page for entering your online password (issued by your bank) to complete the payment.

Is it safe to use my credit/debit card on Eiwahoney.com?


Your online transaction on Eiwa is secure with the highest levels of transaction security currently available on the Internet. All credit card and debit card payments on Eiwa are processed through secure and trusted payment gateways managed by leading banks. Banks now use the 3D Secure password service for online transactions, providing an additional layer of security through identity verification.

Can I use my bank's Internet Banking feature to make a payment?


Yes. Eiwa offers you the convenience of using your bank's Internet Banking service to make a payment towards your order. With this you can directly transfer funds from your bank account, while conducting a highly secure transaction.We accept payment through Internet Banking from most of the Indian Banks.

Can I use UPI or wallet to make a payment?


Yes, you can make UPI and Wallet payments through all leading service providers (Google Pay, PAYTM,etc) on the Eiwa mobile site.