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Sidr Honey
Pruthvi Raj

Unique taste. Loved it. Can feel the premium essence.

Mustard Honey
Reshmi Dey
Very good product.

It is a great product, super taste. Highly recommended.

The taste of honey has been vanished in the presence of turmeric. Means too much of turmeric is added.

Himalayan Multi Floral Honey
Mohamed Mazharullah
Good pure

Good quality, tasty and pure. I like it.

best Honey

I found it very tasty absolutely original as if taking direct from the tree

Honey - that's worth your money

I have become a die-hard fan of Eiwa since the day one I tasted it. I have tried all its varities and swear by it. Even their customer care executive Ms.Shikha Dhall had been extremely helpful in explaining each and every aspect of the process and what kind of efforts and pains are involved in producing this Honey. Thank you.

Bliss and health in a bottle

A delicate and delightful bouquet of Himalayan tastes,a healthy spoonful first thing in the morning does wonders for the rest of the day.

Amazing honey

Could Really taste its purity and delicious as well.


Excellent product, right on the money

Ajwain Honey
Kishore Shivdasani
Excellent product

Super, well done and thank you. For an excellent product and also for decribing it's benefits so well. I hope it's not psychological, but I do believe it's helping with my insomnia or shall I say disturbed-by-dreams [read: thoughts] sleep !! The honey has a smooth consistenc y and tastes very good too.
Give my loves to the Bees !

Good quality product

Tulsi Honey
Ibrahim Pasta

One of the best honey i have ever consumed. I expect the best quality will be maintained forever.

Very genuine product

I am using this honey for last 10 days & can tell this is the best honey. It's 100% pure. Just one thing it's too costly.

Increase Capacity

I loved your product. I had bought 500 gm x 3 on April 15 and on May 15 only half of the last bottle remains. Can you please increase the weight. Why waste so many jars if I want to buy for 6 months all together.

Come fast to grab this offer

Nice products

A Good product. Enjoyed and felt happy.

Good quality Honey

The honey is of rich quality and taste is authentic. I like what Eiwa is doing.

Natural honey 🍯

We can actually say that it tastes like real honey without any chemical added, when i tasted i was soooo good that i had never tasted before.


The way you provide your product, I am impressed, that's how we treat someone the best present in a reasonable amount. Thank you eiwa honey.

Jamun Honey
Arunabha Bhattacharya
Good product and service

Product is good. Responsive service and on time delivery. Appreciate production process as mentioned.

Neem Honey
P.R. Mohun
Real Nectar

The product is fabulous and looks to be 100% genuine.I have taken the first teaspoon today and my instinct tells me that it is going to be beneficial.I'll keep you posted after observing it's effects.

Really beautiful

Need one more sample haaaaa its superbb


I couldn't distinguish any difference. You can try.

Neem Honey
Divya Pawar
Neem honey

It was v heathfull